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Do You Want to Open a Charter School But Don't Know Where to Start?

We can help you successfully navigate the complex process of developing a high-quality charter school application. Adkins & Company has over 20 years of experience in opening, operating, and evaluating hundreds of successful charter schools.

Adkins & Company opens the door to critical information, products and services that guide charter school founders through the application process to operational, academic and governance success – saving schools valuable time and money!

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Our Services

Nonprofit Board Governance and Compliance Services

Adkins & Company’s governance and board relations services provide all of the components needed to assure proper accountability and school oversight processes are developed and implemented. Resources provided include:

  • Communications
  • Meeting services
  • Board training and development
  • Corporate records management
  • Evaluation and strategic planning

We offer innovative coaching and training that will lead to excellence in governance and board proficiency.

Application Development Services

The charter school application process is a very complex and labor intensive process. Adkins & Company will coach your founding board through the entire process from identifying an authorizer, writing your education plan, considering facility options and funding opportunities. These services can be individualized based on your board’s needs.

  • New charter application development
  • Charter amendment completion
  • Charter renewal process management

We offer project management and coaching that will lead to a successful contract development process.

Business Management and Grant Writing Services

School startup and business management services are critical to a new school’s operational performance. Adkins & Company’s partnership in this area sets the school up for operational success prior to the first day of school and provides a solid foundation on which the school will grow. Adequate spending of state and federal funding is key to the school’s daily operations. Adkins & Company works with the school’s leadership to ensure dollars are appropriately allocated and documented as required. Adkins also helps schools gain additional funding by finding, writing, submitting and managing competitive grant funding opportunities.

We Can Help You Open and Operate a Successful Charter School

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Valuable Resources

Robert's Rules of Order Guide

Whether you are a newly formed nonprofit board, a new board member, or a seasoned board chair, running effective meetings is critical. We receive questions on how to make a motion, when to allow public comment, and how to write formal resolutions, so we developed a Roberts Rules of Order Guide for quick reference.

Roles & Responsibilities Guide

What are the board's responsibilities? The department of education, authorizers (sponsors), and superintendents or education management organizations also have roles related to a charter school’s development and operation, so we developed a Roles and Responsibilities Guide for quick reference.

Grant Funding Guide

In addition to per-pupil revenue, what funding is needed for charter schools to operate effectively? The Federal Programs & Grant Funding Guide is intended to provide school leaders with a high-level overview of the Elementary and Secondary Act programs and special education funding available to charter schools.

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