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Whether you are initially setting up your nonprofit or working to build or grow your charter school – Adkins & Company has you covered.

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Each of the Adkins & Company, LLC guidance documents, forms and samples have been written and used by nonprofit governance and charter school experts who understand the unique needs of governing boards and schools.

Robert's Rules of Order Guide

Whether you are a newly formed nonprofit board, a new board member, or a seasoned board chair, running effective meetings is critical. We receive questions on how to make a motion, when to allow public comment, and how to write formal resolutions, so we developed a Roberts Rules of Order Guide for quick reference.

Roles & Responsibilities Guide

What are the board's responsibilities? The department of education, authorizers (sponsors), and superintendents or education management organizations also have roles related to a charter school’s development and operation, so we developed a Roles and Responsibilities Guide for quick reference.

Grant Funding Guide

In addition to per-pupil revenue, what funding is needed for charter schools to operate effectively? The Federal Programs & Grant Funding Guide is intended to provide school leaders with a high-level overview of the Elementary and Secondary Act programs and special education funding available to charter schools.

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