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Adkins & Company membership opens the door to information, products and services that help charter schools achieve operational, academic and governance success – saving schools valuable time and money.

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Our Commitment to Members

From leveraging the power of our collective expertise to influencing public opinion, Adkins & Company can help your board reach its goals while ensuring compliance. As an Adkins & Company member, you benefit from our state and local advocacy and your board and leadership will gain access to our unmatched expertise that will guide you throughout the year. Our long-term relationships with schools, local authorizers, state agencies, elected officials, and community-based organizations enable us to effectively deliver sound practices that strengthen nonprofit boards and the charter public school sector, and further improve access to quality education options for all students.


On-Demand Support

If you have a question, our team knows the answer! We host monthly one-on-one calls with all of our clients and are available for questions as they come up. In addition to providing on-demand support to our members, we sponsor a variety of workshops, meetings and webinars designed to support members at every step of the way.


Training and Resources

Our Member Portal serves as a one-stop shop for Adkins & Company clients and members. We have an archive of online resources, templates, guides, and training information related to nonprofit boards, governance and oversight, and charter school operational topics that continues to be updated every month.


Financial and Business Services

Looking for help with business management services? Adkins & Company can provide services and train your staff to manage the school’s business services. Some of our services include: HR Contracting and File Preparation, Budget Development, CCIP and Federal Programs Management, Vendor Contracting. and Grant Application and Management Services.

Membership Fees

Pro-Board Membership

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  • Governance Training and Resource Materials including Templates, Forms and Guides
  • Operational Training and Resource Materials including Templates, Forms and Guides
  • The Adkins Advisor Monthly Newsletter
  • Updated Information on Available Funding Opportunities
  • Monthly Consulting Calls and Technical Assistance
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Board-Elite Membership

*For Contract Clients Only*

...everyting in PRO plus:

  • Access to the membership community site
  • Access to ALL of the trainings
  • Access to samples, forms and template with new information posted monthly
  • Be the first to be informed about upcoming and newly-released information
  • Monthly one-on-one call

The BOARD-ELITE MEMBERSHIP is only available for Adkins & Company consulting clients. For more information, please contact us for a free consultation call.

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Access expertise, tools, resources and key information to guide your team though charter school development and operational processes.

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